Truly universal

Cloudsmith works with the packages and formats you love. One consistent approach to package management for the whole enterprise

A single source of truth for all your software assets

Cloudsmith is a single cloud-native private repository for all your packages. Distributed teams, working across multiple languages and formats, can now access every software asset across your organization consistently and reliably.

  • Limit package access to authorised clients and users, without sharing packages to the world

  • Cloudsmith supports internal software distribution mechanics or license-based software distribution

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Universal control

A single repository for packages in any format means centralized control over permissions, clear auditing, and rapid reaction to emerging security issues.

  • Extended detail on where package access happened, by whom and why via access logs

  • Restrict or grant access to your packages based on geographical location, IP ranges or specific IP addresses

One repository, one approach

Manage, distribute, secure and control all your software packages via one consistent and intuitive UI. And one repository means one integration into DevOps processes such as automated builds.

Cloudsmith's approach to artifact management gives us strong access control and dynamic integration, a real boon when supporting varied development teams. The Cloudsmith team is responsive and open, which is what I need from my tier 1 vendors.

Mel Boyce

Principal DevOps Engineer

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The Results

By switching to Cloudsmith, MYOB has minimised complexity and maintenance costs, whilst not compromising on sophistication. MYOB has successfully moved the needle on security and made developing and deploying software faster and easier than ever before.