High performance artifact management for Fintech

Native support for 29+ package formats. Proxy and cache OSS upstreams. Scan packages and build usage policies.

What sets Cloudsmith apart

  1. Fully managed
    Fully managed, auto-scaling service with exceptional support
  2. High performance
    Architected for global teams and rapid software distribution
  3. Secure and controlled
    ISO certified security with fine-grained access controls

The market never sleeps. Teams and customers need your software with zero friction. Accelerate how you build and ship software with Cloudsmith.

TodayYour software assets can't be observed or controlled because they're spread across multiple systems
With CloudsmithTake control and gain observability by using Cloudsmith as your single source of truth for all your software packages, containers, machine learning models and datasets
Teams are pulling who-knows-what into software builds, directly from public registries.
Build a strong dependency firewall. Cloudsmith proxies to public upstreams, caches packages, and carries out security checks in accordance with your security and risk management policies
Your teams are more distributed than ever, and your software supply chain is built for the past
Cloudsmith is a secure, fully-distributed software supply chain solution. Wherever your teams are, they'll get access to software assets via a high-performance delivery network. We're architected for your future, not your past.
Your current approach to artifact management just won't scale efficiently
Cloudsmith is architected for complete elasticity. As demand grows, Cloudsmith scales without effort on your part. Cloudsmith is fully managed, so no more servers to procure or applications to patch.

Cloudsmith is the solution to secure, scalable software supply chain for Fintech

Accelerate your software development workflows. Talk to Cloudsmith about cloud-scale, fully elastic artifact management.

ISO 27001 Accredited Security

With Cloudsmith you'll have a central, secure home for software assets. Control access to each and every piece of software with fine-grained team and user permissions. Use 2FA, SAML/SSO integrations to stay in control.

Designed to Keep you in Compliance

Avoid IP theft and reputational damage by scanning your software assets and dependencies for vulnerabilities before they cause harm. Mitigate risk by ensuring your teams are complying with OSS licence usage policies. Keep a detailed audit trail to interrogate your work, and demonstrate diligence.

Developer-First, Fanatical Support

We love our customers. We're here to help you adopt Cloudsmith and get value quickly. Whether you're just starting to centralize your software artifacts, or migrating from a legacy system like Artifactory, we're here for you
Cloudsmith has made package management so easy that we don't have to think about it. It just works

Ali Tayarani

Engineering Manager (SRE)

Customer success stories

Learn how our customers are using Cloudsmith to streamline and accelerate the development of new financial technologies.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions we get from Fintech orgs who are considering adopting Cloudsmith

  1. Absolutely. Many of our customers have undergone a tech transformation, and have migrated their artifact management from expensive, legacy, on-premises solutions to Cloudsmith. As you prepare to migrate we will advise you on best practices and common pitfalls.

  2. Organizations who use on-premises systems to protect their software IP tend to over-rely on physical and network-level security - that is, controlling physical access to servers and network infrastructure. The problem with this approach is that any lapse in updating software and systems can instantly make network-level security irrelevant. A single bad package, or a compromised dependency deep down in your software, can be used to open a hole in your network, and steal data. Then it's game over. By moving your work to a fully-managed architecture, running on secure cloud infrastructure, you never have to patch a server or system again.

  3. The starting point for a secure software supply is knowing what software teams are building, and where that software came from. Your org is simply not secure if you don’t have visibility and control of your software artifacts. By proxying and caching OSS packages, and giving you a centralized store for packages you build internally, Cloudsmith is the keystone of your approach to software supply chain security. Organizations working in Fintech place significant emphasis on compliance, traceability, and meeting regulatory demands - which are only possible with full visibility of your software supply chain. With Cloudsmith, you're building resilience into how you manage your most valuable IP.

Fast, secure artifact management for Fintech teams
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