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Create Your Own Private Ruby Gems Registry

echo "Using Cloudsmith for your gems is easy"
Using Cloudsmith for your gems is easy
echo "Set Cloudsmith as your source in your Gemfile"
Set Cloudsmith as your source in your Gemfile
gem install 'demo'
Successfully installed demo-0.0.1

How we support it

Cloudsmith is the go-to solution for your Ruby use cases because it provides pricing plans that fit all team sizes and delivers exceptional cloud-native performance.

    Fully Fledged Ruby Gems Registry
    Use Cloudsmith just as you would, but with the benefits of security, performance and complete control. Cloudsmith is a feature-complete Ruby Gems registry that allows you to push, pull, inspect, and manage all your artifacts in one place
    A fully-managed Ruby Gems solution that offers you the elasticity, flexibility, and scalability your team requires
    Secure by Default
    Scan for malware and CVEs, and build rules into how to handle low, medium and high critical software vulnerabilities.
    Complete Control
    Create public or private repositories, and use Cloudsmith's flexible permissions tools to control who has access

Popular Ruby Gems

Cloudsmith Navigator is a free tool to help Ruby developers find the right gems for their projects. Here are just some of the popular ruby gems people are using on Cloudsmith right now.

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