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Create a Private CocoaPods Repository

echo "Create a private CocoaPods repo for your packages"
Create a private CocoaPods repo for your packages
cloudsmith push cocoapods org/repo your-package.tar.gz
Upload complete. Package will available following synchronisation.
echo "Native tooling, cloud-native performance, affordable plans"
Native tooling, cloud-native performance, affordable plans

How we support it

Cloudsmith is a highly customizable package management solution that provides native support for CocoaPods and many other package formats. Cloudsmith's advanced security features, such as malware scanning and permission control, help to ensure safe software delivery to your teams. Integrations with popular CI/CD tools help you streamline software delivery. Our cloud-native architecture provides elastic and scalable infrastructure, helping you manage and distribute packages across the globe.

    Native Support for CocoaPods
    Cloudsmith provides a repository for CocoaPods with features that simplify artifact management.
    Cloud-Native Solution
    Cloudsmith offers a fully-managed CocoaPods solution that provides the elasticity, flexibility, and scalability required by your team.
    Security Scanning
    Cloudsmith scans for malware and CVEs, and applies defined rules to handle low, medium, and high critical software vulnerabilities.
    Complete Control
    Cloudsmith lets you create public or private repositories with a zero trust model and provides flexible tools to control access.

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