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Create your own private Go package registry with Cloudsmith

echo "Follow the Cloudsmith docs to create your registry"
Follow the Cloudsmith docs to create your registry
echo "Configure GOPROXY, and use native tooling"
Configure GOPROXY, and use native tooling
go get mypackage/pkg@v1.2.3
go get: added v1.2.3

How we support it

Cloudsmith natively supports the storage, distribution, and management of Golang packages. With Cloudsmith you can host and share private and public Go packages, manage different versions of packages, and collaborate with team members. Cloudsmith supports Go modules and Go proxy for easy integration with existing Go projects.

    Feature-Complete Go Repository
    A complete Go package registry solution that enables artifact management with features like push, pull, inspection
    Cloud-Native Go Solution
    A fully-managed Go package registry solution that provides elasticity, flexibility, and scalability - wherever your teams are in the world
    Security Scanning
    Inbuilt malware and CVE scanning that can handle low, medium, and high critical software vulnerabilities
    Complete Control for Go
    Ability to create public or private repositories with granular access controls using Cloudsmith's flexible permission tools

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