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Manage Your Own Red Hat RPM Repositories

cloudsmith push rpm org/repo/el/5 package.el5.x86_64.rpm
Upload complete. Package will available following synchronisation.
echo "See our docs to configure your repo"
See our docs to configure your repo
sudo yum install package
Downloading packages


Cloudsmith is your cloud-native home for Red Hat packages and RPM. Lower your infrastructure costs and enable your workflows at any scale. Bring all of your packages under control, using Cloudsmith as a central point of control and observability

    Native Tooling
    Works with your ecosystem seamlessly: Supports all known Red Hat command-line tools such as rpm, yum, and dnf for installing, upgrading, and managing packages on Linux systems.
    Isolate Upstreams
    Protects your team from dependency confusion, namesquatting, typosquatting, denial of service, maintainer deletions, and more, by isolating your packages from upstreams with automated Proxying/Caching of packages
    Security Scanning
    Use Cloudsmith's malware and CVE scanning, and set rules for handling low, medium, and critical vulnerabilities
    Zero Trust
    Cloudsmith provides SAML and SSO integrations that allow you to customize how teams and services access your software. Build workflows around our comprehensive API. Use read-only entitlement tokens to distribute software with complete control.
    Rapid Distribution at any Scale
    A smooth, low-latency developer experience thanks to Cloudsmith's cloud-native architecture. Your RPM packages will be distributed to teams via 600 points of presence around the world
    Fully-Managed Elasticity
    Our elastic load balancing and node layers mean your service automatically scales as demand increases. No new instances for DevOps to configure. No interruptions or delays.
    Exceptional Support
    Get support directly from the engineers who build Cloudsmith. We're here to help.

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