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We love our customers, and we work closely with all of them to make the storage, management and distribution of software assets as straightforward as possible. Discover how organizations are using Cloudsmith.

PagerDuty x Cloudsmith
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PagerDuty x Cloudsmith collaboration video


  • Migration from enterprise platform
  • Cloudsmith Ultra

Cloudsmith Use Cases

  • Artifact management


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Humanising Autonomy

Humanising Autonomy

Humanising Autonomy is redefining the realm of autonomous systems with their groundbreaking predictive intent technology. Dive into their journey of making these systems seamlessly blend into human-centric environments while prioritizing safety, and how Cloudsmith fits into their operations.

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Font Awesome logo

Font Awesome

Font Awesome’s business relies on the distribution of private packages to customers in a timely, reliable fashion. That wasn’t a use case supported by conventional package management platforms, and attempting to build a solution in-house was causing ongoing issues around uptime and performance.

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Carta logo


Like any other company making software at scale, the goal for Carta is delivering great software as efficiently as possible. Cloudsmith helps make that happen. Carta uses Cloudsmith to handle all aspects of package management across the business. That means that Carta engineers have access to a single private repository of software assets, no matter where they are or what language or format they are working in.

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ProGlove's technology is built to work in harmony with existing systems, facilitating effortless integration of their wearables into a company's workflows. Their roster of clients speaks volumes about their capabilities, including heavyweights in the automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods manufacturing sectors.

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myob logo


With over half a million customers, myob is one of the world’s leading business software suppliers, so providing a ‘single source of truth’ for hundreds of developers distributed across Australia and New Zealand was key.

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ISC - The Internet Systems Consortium logo

ISC - The Internet Systems Consortium

The Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) maintains 3000 packages on Cloudsmith. Each download of one of these packages may represent many thousands, or even millions, of end-users. With Cloudsmith, the ISC is able to ensure consistent, controlled availability of those packages and deliver on its vision: ‘Open source for an open internet’

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