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Create a Private Terraform Module Registry

echo "Use Cloudsmith with native Terraform tools"
Use Cloudsmith with native Terraform tools
cloudsmith push terraform org/repo module.tar.gz
Upload complete. Package will available following synchronisation.
echo "Set Cloudsmith as your source, run terraform init"
Set Cloudsmith as your source, run terraform init
terraform init
Initializing modules...

How we support it

If you want a Terraform solution that offers pricing options for teams of any size and cloud-native performance, then Cloudsmith is the right choice for you.

    A Complete Terraform Registry
    A Terraform modules registry that allows you to push, pull, inspect, and manage your team's artifacts in one place
    A fully-managed solution that offers you the elasticity, flexibility, and scalability your team requires
    Complete Control
    Create public or private repositories, and use Cloudsmith's flexible permissions tools to control who has access

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