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Create your own Private LuaRocks Repository with Cloudsmith

echo "Pushing your Lua modules to Cloudsmith is easy"
Pushing your LuaRocks to Cloudsmith is easy
cloudsmith push luarocks org/repo your-module-1.0.src.rock
Upload complete. Package will available following synchronisation.
echo "Set up your local environment, then use native tools"
Set up your local environment, then use native tools
luarocks install your-module
your-module installed in /usr/local (licence: MIT)

How we support it

Cloudsmith offers a cloud-native Lua modules repository for your team, accessible using LuaRocks package manager, and other familiar native tools. Our engineers are highly knowledgeable about the Lua ecosystem and dedicated to helping you seamlessly integrate Cloudsmith into your Lua development workflows.

    Fully Fledged Lua Support
    A feature-complete Lua repository from Cloudsmith gives your teams a central location to access critical Lua modules. Our architecture and integrations help you reduce complexity and increase build performance
    Rapid Distribution
    Cloudsmith is architected from the ground up as a cloud-native solution. Your Lua modules will be stored and distributed via 600 points of presence around the world.
    Low Cost Elasticity
    Cloudsmith saves your team real money by handling elasticity, flexibility, and scalability automatically - you'll never need to worry about ramping AWS up or down, or manually managing how your artifacts are distributed to save money
    Secure by Default
    Scan for malware and CVEs, and build rules into how to handle low, medium and high critical software vulnerabilities.
    Zero Trust, Complete Control
    Create public or private repositories for your Lua modules, and use Cloudsmith's suite of tools to control who has access

We're here to help you get started with Lua on Cloudsmith

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