A cloud-native alternative to legacy Sonatype Nexus

Native support for 29+ package formats. Proxy and cache OSS upstreams. Scan packages and build usage policies. Switch to Cloudsmith.

What sets Cloudsmith apart

  1. Fully managed service
    Goodbye server maintenance; we take care of everything
  2. Secure
    ISO certified with fine-grained access controls
  3. Low cost
    Plans for teams of all sizes, starting at just $89 per month

How Cloudsmith Excels

Fully Managed

Never patch or upgrade an artifact server again. Cloudsmith is a fully managed, completely cloud-native architecture - built specifically to lower the cost and complexity of software artifact management

Globally Distributed

Cloudsmith data is distributed and served from 600 points of presence around the globe with no additional effort needed by your team

Elastic to Infinity

Cloudsmith automatically scales (up and down) as demand for your software changes; you'll never need to worry about scaling again, and developers can count on reliable performance as well

What developers are saying

We love our customers, and the feedback tells its own story. Discover how organizations are using Cloudsmith.


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