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Popular Machine Learning Packages

Cloudsmith Navigator is a free tool to help machine learning developers find the right packages for their projects. Here are just some of the popular ML packages people are using on Cloudsmith right now.

Let your teams focus on building cutting-edge technologies, not moving files around

TodayFragmentation and inconsistency are hurting your model accuracy, with multiple versions of critical assets in use at one time.
With CloudsmithWith Cloudsmith your teams make progress together, thanks to a single source of truth for all your machine learning datasets, models, containers and libraries.
Teams are pulling who-knows-what into software builds, directly from public registries.
Take control of your security. Cloudsmith proxies to public upstreams, caches packages, and carries out security checks. This is all transparent to the developer
Your teams are wasting time because of inefficient tooling and intolerable user experience.
With Cloudsmith, data scientists and developers access datasets, models, containers and libraries using native tools - as easy as doing a pip install, or a docker pull.
You're struggling to move from experiment to product, with limited scope to operationalize your work.
When you're ready, Cloudsmith plugs straight into CI/CD pipelines enabling your models and libraries to be incorporated into working software and services.

We’ve considered all the details, so your data science teams don’t have to

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Our plans start at just $89 per month, giving you access to a complete artifact management and software supply chain solution

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Cloudsmith is a fully managed solution. For one monthly price you'll win back hours of your time each month. Never patch a server again. We'll take care of it.

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We love our customers, and go the extra mile to support them in all weathers. As you get started with Cloudsmith, we'll help adopt best practices from day 1. As you grow into Cloudsmith, we're here to help you get as much value as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions we get from machine learning and data science teams who are considering adopting Cloudsmith

  1. It's almost certain that your teams are pulling open source libraries down from public registries and building them into your experiments and products. This is risky. Best practice is to proxy and cache public upstreams, such as, scan for vulnerabilities, and carry out additional checks (e.g. licensing policy checks), before allowing developers to build. With Cloudsmith, these security checks happen transparently.

  2. By using Cloudsmith as a single source of truth for your datasets, models, containers and libraries, you can enable the reproducibility of your ML experiments. This is crucial for auditability and traceability of your work, and helps to avoid backward steps in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

  3. Implementing robust artifact management practices today demonstrates that you're thinking ahead to real-world applications. This builds trust with investors and customers, safeguarding your team's reputation.

A single source of truth for artificial intelligence & data science teams
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