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Humanising Autonomy

Humanising Autonomy is a startup that focuses on setting a new global standard for human machine interaction. They have developed ethical AI software that goes beyond basic detection to analyze live or historical video footage and understands human behavior. Their software allows machines to better understand and predict human intentions, leading to safer and more effective interactions between humans and machines.

Humanising Autonomy’s Success

Humanising Autonomy’s rise to the top is anything but accidental. It’s their warm-hearted approach to automation - a breath of fresh air in an industry usually more ‘machine’ than ‘human’. By putting people first, they’re mastering the art of crafting solutions that intuitively grasp and foresee human behavior. This commitment to human-centric design proves priceless across industries, like transportation and automotive, where discerning human intentions can spell the difference between safety and risk, efficiency and chaos.

But their success isn’t just rooted in their unique approach - it’s also in the standout computer-vision software they provide. Their software goes a step further than the norm, skillfully analyzing real-time or past video footage to decode human behavior swiftly. In an environment where interpreting human intentions can significantly impact safety and efficiency, this power is not just an add-on, it’s a game-changer.

And then there’s the dream team that powers Humanising Autonomy. Their group is as diverse as it is talented, bringing together a potent blend of customer-focused product design and tech-savvy wisdom. This interdisciplinary approach ensures that their solutions aren’t just on the cutting edge of technology but also in tune with the heartbeat of their clients and end-users. Their product is a testament to their commitment to creating technology that feels less robotic and more, well, human.

They work with customers such as Airbus, Department of Transport, Microsoft and Nvidia.

Life Before Cloudsmith

For Humanising Autonomy, a company that actively works on software that’s integrated across the globe, a robust and secure tool like Cloudsmith is no less than essential. With customers seamlessly integrating their SDK into various solutions, the ability to effectively manage and distribute their software in multiple package formats — including Python, Terraform, npm, and Docker, becomes vital. Cloudsmith’s versatile capabilities perfectly complement Humanising Autonomy’s need for reliable, efficient, and widespread software distribution, making it a pillar in their global operation.

Before Cloudsmith stepped in, Humanising Autonomy was grappling with a burdensome developer experience using Artifactory, leaving them frustrated and longing for a better developer experience. To add fuel to the fire, an unexpected renewal quote from Artifactory sent their expenses skyrocketing, pushing them to urgently find a more cost-effective solution. This surprising financial blow, paired with perceived poor communication, left them feeling let down and eager to make a change.

Thanks to Cloudsmith

Cloudsmith turned the tables for Humanising Autonomy, ushering them from a frustrating and expensive experience with their previous solution, to a cost-effective and streamlined developer journey. Their transition to Cloudsmith resulted in significant cost savings and a welcome enhancement to their developer experience, while keeping any trade-offs minimal. From building a modern software delivery pipeline to increasing observability with log exports, they’ve leveraged the extensive capabilities of Cloudsmith to overcome past hurdles, all within an impressively swift four-week onboarding period.

They’re very very responsive. We have them on our Slack. We have weekly meetings with them where we talk about mutual roadmaps. Generally very very pleased indeed.

Humanising Autonomy logo positioned next to the quote from the customer

Richard Vodden

VP of Engineering at Humanising Autonomy

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Humanising Autonomy

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