Secure your software supply chain

It's a jungle out there. Cloudsmith secures your software supply chain helping you mitigate risk of reputational damage, data exfiltration, and IP theft

Cloudsmith acts as your central point of security and control over your most valuable corporate asset; your software IP

TodayYou’re shipping code you didn’t write from sources you can’t trust
Secure with CloudsmithCreate a single source of truth for all your software assets with Cloudsmith. One home, for all your assets, all your languages, all your teams, all your devs.
Teams are pulling packages from risky, unreliable upstreams
Proxy and cache OSS dependencies through Cloudsmith to create an always-available isolation layer between your organization and public repositories.
You’re not mitigating against basic typosquatting and dependency confusion attacks
Use Cloudsmith to build usage policies, pin dependencies, segregate environments, and use package promotion workflows - all out of the box.

Secure by default

Cloudsmith’s security suite puts you in control. We can help you to secure your software supply chain from end to end.

Zero Trust

Cloudsmith provides SAML and SSO integrations that allow you to customize how teams and services access your software. Build workflows around our comprehensive API. Use read-only entitlement tokens to distribute software with complete control.

Security Scanning

Cloudsmith scans your packages for malware and CVEs, and allows you to establish protocols for handling low, medium, and critical software vulnerabilities.

Complete Visibility

Each and every package pulled into Cloudsmith is fully traceable, giving you insight into what software was built, using what dependencies, by what teams and developers.
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