Let's face it, CloudRepo is barely a product. Maven and Python support, that's it...

Switch to Cloudsmith today for future-proof, cloud-native, truly universal package management

Cloudsmith vs CloudRepo. Which one should you choose for your team?

With CloudRepoCloudRepo supports Maven and Python packages. For everything else you'll need a different solution.
With CloudsmithYour artifact management solution shouldn't constrain your developers. Cloudsmith is truly future proof; supporting 29+ package formats (including Maven and Python), with more launching each quarter.
You will need a separate solution to manage Docker images
Containers are core to contemporary development. Cloudsmith offers a feature-complete Docker registry that supports all current and planned versions of the Docker engine. Manage, inspect, push, and pull Docker images along with all your other packages.
Expensive, when you think about it. You need to pay for CloudRepo, plus a bunch of other solutions, just to support your current technology footprint
Cloudsmith is all you'll ever need. Pick from one of our plans, and lower your costs by migrating all your software assets to Cloudsmith.

Selected Resources

If you're switching to Cloudsmith from CloudRepo, comparing products, or just learning about artifact management, here are some helpful resources to help you win

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