De-risk your software supply chain

A centralized store of all your organization’s software assets is the first step to securing your software supply chain.

A single source for all software assets

Aggregate every dev team’s binaries, packages, containers and more into one core artifact manager.

Dependency management

Proxy and cache open source dependencies so you can evaluate OSS for threat signals, keeping malicious packages away from your developers and infrastructure.


Easily verify every asset that enters and moves along your pipeline, and automatically check it for security and compliance threats.


Stop the spread of bad packages and containers by controlling what happens next when issues are found.

Stop all downloads immediately

Block the download of dependencies that fail to meet your security or license requirements with package quarantine.

Rule-based responses

Use package promotion alongside our API and webhooks to programmatically define the security checks and outcomes required in order to advance a package to the next repo in your pipeline.

Prove integrity and build user trust in the software you release with custom signing keys and our Sigstore Cosign support.

De-risk your software supply chain
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