Reliable, Fast Global Distribution

Font Awesome’s business relies on the distribution of private packages to customers in a timely, reliable fashion. That wasn’t a use case supported by conventional package management platforms, and attempting to build a solution in-house was causing ongoing issues around uptime and performance.

That in turn meant real issues around customer satisfaction and rapidly escalating costs associated with keeping the platform up.

Font Awesome turned to Cloudsmith to address these issues and deliver outstanding levels of performance and reliability to all their customers.

As a cloud-native package distribution network, Cloudsmith supports high-performance integration of Font Awesome packages anywhere in the world and delivers best in class availability and uptime figures. Meanwhile support for entitlement tokens and end user license agreements (EULAs) meant that Cloudsmtih handled the commercial aspects of Font Awesome’s model as part of a single solution.

We were in a pinch: our customers were justifiably angry with us because the service we were managing was unreliable. Our paid NPM registry was a mess. But with Cloudsmith we were able to seamlessly transition to their platform and immediately provide a rock-solid upgrade to every customer we have

Rob Madole Senior Software Engineer, Font Awesome

The Result

For Font Awesome, the result is ‘silence’. Cloudsmith handles distribution without incident, eliminates the costs of supporting an in-house system, and ensures that Font Awesome never lets the customer down. It’s that simple.