Resolving The Challenges Of “More Than One”

Like any other leading ISV, the goal for Carta is delivering great software as efficiently as possible. Cloudsmith helps make that happen.

Carta uses Cloudsmith to handle all aspects of package management across the business. That means that Carta engineers have access to a single private repository of software assets, no matter where they are or what language or format they are working in.

As a cloud-native package management solution, Cloudsmith supports 7 engineering offices located around the world - allowing them to share assets in a seamless and performant manner. And as a universal solution, Cloudsmith handles packages in a variety of formats including Helm, PyPI, and Maven.

Cloudsmith required almost no effort to get up and running. Carta was able to build private repositories in minutes. But when looking for guidance around any aspect of the project the Cloudsmith team was always responsive and ready to help!

Cloudsmith has made package management so easy that we don't have to think about it. It just works

Ali Tayarani Engineering Manager (SRE), Carta