Cloudsmith, the JFrog Bintray Alternative & Replacement

Feb 4 2021/Supply Chain/2 min read
The JFrog Bintray Replacement
JFrog have sunsetted their Bintray add-on. Cloudsmith is a direct alternative for JFrog's Bintray product.

It’s finally happened. After months of whispers, JFrog have announced the sunsetting date for Bintray - their distribution add-on to their long-standing on-premises Artifactory product. Bintray officially shut down on May 1, 2021.

What is JFrog Bintray?

JFrog Bintray is a cloud platform that previously let users publish, store, promote, and distribute software.

So what does that mean for Bintray users? In short, users can no longer use the Bintray service and are instead redirected to Jcenter.

Fortunately, Cloudsmith is a direct replacement for JFrog Bintray. And Artifactory. And their X-Ray product.

Don’t get us wrong - JFrog has achieved a lot over the years and we would never publicly speak out against them. They are the distinguished competition, and we respect their accomplishments.

But, we’re better.

Today, more than ever before, our world became distributed. Teams of developers started working together remotely. Each person needs new ways to communicate and collaborate, and be able to replicate working environments in real-time. It’s no longer acceptable to have everyone in, or physically near, your company headquarters bask in the warm embrace of low latency downloads, while other geographically distributed teams have to put up with significant replication lag.

Cloudsmith was architected and built from the ground up, to solve this exact problem. From day one, our thesis was that package management and software distribution are the same things.

In a cloud-enabled world, there is no distinction when delivering artifacts. It just has to be:

  • Fast.
  • Secure.
  • Reliable.
  • A single product.
  • A web-scale, collaborative platform, with security, redundancy and dependability built-in.
  • Backed by global infrastructure, you’ll get the same amazing experience in San Francisco, as you do in London, Sydney, or Tokyo.

And that's exactly what Cloudsmith is.

We can see the competition repositioning themselves, to build towards where we are right now - where we started, and where we’ve been for years. And that’s good for you. It’s great for you. Two major league products going toe-to-toe in the market. That means more innovation from both companies and better products for engineers worldwide.

Packages and containers are the fundamental building block of software. Continuous Packaging is the glue between Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, providing much-needed visibility and control to secure the pipeline end-to-end. Providing provenance of all artifacts, and an essential isolation layer away from public upstreams.

We are confident that today, and tomorrow, we have the best solution to package management and the vision of how to solve the inherent challenges with building secure supply chains. Security not just at the left, but all the way through the pipeline.

Cloudsmith provides secure storage and lightning-fast Edge distribution backed by intelligent infrastructure. It's not just a backend with a CDN - it's so much more than that. It’s a Package Delivery Network.

Batter up, JFrog.

Game on.

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