Simplify CRA Compliance With Modern Tooling

Dec 8 2023/EU/1 min read
Simplify CRA Compliance With Modern Tooling
It's a lot easier to get + stay CRA compliant when you have robust SSCS across your pipeline. See how using Cloudsmith helps.

Adoption of the EU Cyber Resilience Act is coming in 2024. This means that if you make software or hardware that’s sold in the EU and don’t fall within one of Act’s four product exemption categories, you’ll soon be legally required to comply with the Act’s requirements or risk penalties.

If you’re not using a modern package management system as part of your CI/CD process, you may find it harder and more time-consuming than others to meet the compliance requirements—particularly the requirements to minimize vulnerabilities and be transparent with consumers about the cybersecurity aspects of your products. (Read our post How To Comply With the EU Cyber Resilience Act for full details on compliance requirements.)

For instance, dated, legacy systems often:

  • offer limited visibility, which could make it challenging to identify and address vulnerabilities in the timeframes required by the CRA;
  • may not include automatic scanning tools for identifying vulnerabilities in dependencies, leaving teams to handle this manually—which is a time drain and introduces human error; 
  • can struggle to manage track, and analyze the complex dependencies that are characteristic of modern software development; and
  • lack robust logging, audits, and reporting, making it harder and more time-consuming to assess, prioritize, and respond to software security issues.

Cloudsmith + the CRA

In contrast, modern cloud-native artifact management systems, like Cloudsmith, are built by design to secure software development across the entire software lifecycle—from pull-down to distribution—streamlining your team’s CRA compliance efforts through the benefit of: 

  • crystal clear visibility
  • improved efficiency
  • improved resilience
  • reduced risk.

Specifically, we can help you achieve the standards set out by the new CRA with our SSCS and time-saving features like: 

We’ll continue to create features in Cloudsmith that support our customers as the Regulation’s requirements evolve.

Want to know more about how Cloudsmith can support your CRA compliance efforts? Start your free trial now or talk to sales today.

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