Product Update: More Global Infrastructure

Apr 16 2020/Platform Updates/2 min read
We’ve added production instances in two new locations: Oregon (US) and Sydney (AUS). These are just the first of many, but together they deliver serious performance improvements for our customers around the globe.

Speed is very important to us at Cloudsmith. As a cloud-native solution we believe that every team member and every build system - no matter where they are on the planet - should have low-latency access to packages and assets whenever they need them. And we never stop working to make that happen!

If you’re a Cloudsmith customer you’ll already know that we allow packages to be stored in a location of your choosing. We also offer delivery across a CDN and edge-caching to minimize latency when accessing packages from the Cloudsmith platform.

We’ve now gone beyond simple storage to add global infrastructure in two more new locations: Oregon (US) and Sydney (AUS). These are just the first of many, of course, but together these two new locations allow all traffic via the Cloudsmith API to greatly benefit from the nearest geographic location - or at least more local than before. This also has a direct impact on download requests.

Even better, Cloudsmith automatically calculates which location is best in terms of performance at any given moment in time, and for any individual or process no matter where they are located. You don’t have to second guess, we’ll ensure packages are processed as fast as possible in all circumstances.

The differences can be significant. On average, response times of 480ms were reduced to 235ms for a flat request in the wake of this roll out, and in some instances latency improvements were more impressive again: from 800ms to 40ms in Sydney, for example.

The visuals below show precisely the impact of these changes - hopefully you notice the difference too!

Improvements in response time by location
Average network timings - again showing significant improvements as we move to production in multiple global locations
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