Coming Soon: Cloudsmith Migration Toolkit

Jan 19 2024/announcement/1 min read

One of our core motivations in building Cloudsmith is to make software developers' lives easier.  We want Cloudsmith to be one of those great products that feels intuitive and automates everything.

As we’re picking up more and larger customers, we’re seeing an increased need for migration tools.  We want to make it as easy as possible for teams who are stuck using JFrog Artifactory, or Sonatype Nexus, or other legacy tools to move over to the joy of SaaS artifact management using Cloudsmith.

In theory, anyone can migrate their own repos and data to Cloudsmith, using our APIs, CLI, and webhooks.  But we really want to make this easier.

So, we’ve established a new team at Cloudsmith called Customer Engineering. The mission of Customer Engineering is to build migration and integration tools that extend Cloudsmith.  This will include migration tools, GitHub Actions, and extensions to our Terraform provider.  

We want to let the Cloudsmith community contribute to and extend the tools we build, so we’re going to make all the source code available in GitHub and invite anyone to make improvements, submit pull requests, and take these tools wherever they need to go.

Our first project is a Cloudsmith Migration Toolkit.  The Toolkit provides repository structure mappings, upstream/remote source configurations, and ETL-style data migration, specifically targeted at teams migrating off JFrog Artifactory.  The Toolkit will securely create your Cloudsmith repos, let you decide which Artifactory repos you want to migrate, transfer artifacts, and preserve metadata and versioning.  

If you are interested in trying out the Toolkit, registration is now open. Complete the registration form (we just need your name + email address), and the Customer Success team will be in touch.

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