"Build It Yourself, They Said. It Will Be Worth It, They Said" Dev Week Enterprise Keynote Session

Jan 21 2021/1 min read
Why do enterprises continue to build custom, in-house solutions than existing solutions? What exactly are the benefits of purchasing an existing solution? Dan Mckinney answers all in our DeveloperWeek keynote.

“We’ll build it ourselves!” We’ve all heard it, seen it, and likely been directly impacted by the decision to build a custom, in-house solution rather than use an existing one. Whether it’s a CI/CD tool, artifact management solution, or even the entire DevOps tech stack, it’s a common misconception that building it internally is easier, cheaper, and faster. When, in fact, the complete opposite is true! Modern development processes demand high levels of availability and performance, so building a custom system that provides both of these isn’t a trivial undertaking. So why, then do enterprises continue to build in-house? And what exactly are the benefits of purchasing an existing solution? And how does this impact the quality of their overall organization? Join Cloudsmith’s Dan McKinney in this session as he answers all of these questions while helping attendees understand the true difference between building and buying DevOps solutions, how to make the best decision for your organization, and the benefits of an existing solution made to solve the problems you face.

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