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Ten Awesome Benefits of Package Management (and Why You Need It)

Ten Awesome Benefits of Package Management… and why you need it.

Package Management's smallest unit of value is storage. Both logical and secure. But it is more than the sum of its parts and provides a solid foundation on which to build scalable, automated systems and accelerate your SDLC.

Here are ten awesome benefits that any good Package Management system/service will provide:

  1. Control: Offer well-defined controls (RBAC) for getting packages in and out, as well as controlling promotions, rollbacks and deployments.
  2. Visibility: Provide you with a world view to see the attributes (i.e. names, versions, types, metadata) across all of your packages.
  3. Universality: Be able to "speak" the native protocol for a number of packaging technologies together (e.g. Python + Ruby + Maven/Java, etc.), as well provide APIs for easy/agnostic manipulation.
  4. Security: Be built to be secure by default without having to define and set it up (e.g. encrypted-in-transit, at-rest, GPG/RSA signing, sane perms, etc.)
  5. Traceability: Provide meta data around the current and previous versions of packages (i.e. source of package, dependencies, environment state, etc.)
  6. Auditing: Provide you with access logs, metrics/statistics and accountability for uploads and downloads in the system (who/what/where).
  7. Speed: Provide ultra-fast and worldwide distribution for packages as a standard feature, sometimes with "at edge" distribution.
  8. Availability: Provide an additional layer in front of public services to ensure you can still get your packages when the public service is down.
  9. Collaboration: Be collaborative, allowing you to synchronise workflow and process with colleagues, other teams and outside collaborators.
  10. Cost: Be cheaper than planning it, coding it, maintaining it, upgrading it, and worrying about it, yourself; so you can concentrate on your product instead.

We'll be going into more detail on each of these benefits in the coming weeks.

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