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Go Cloud-Native, Not Cloud-Hosted

Popular legacy tools provide cloud-hosted solutions that are a hybrid cloud and on-premise offering. The challenges with this type of solution are increased costs, limited observability, and reduced time to scale. With a truly Cloud-Native solution, complexity is stripped away, increasing automation and observability of your pipeline while reducing unnecessary hassle and costs. With Cloudsmith you get:

  • Supporting distributed teams, maintenance windows, version upgrades and scaling of infrastructure is all handled by the service, letting your team focus on what's most important.

  • A service Level Agreement (SLA) guaranteeing uptime

Continuous Packaging

Cloud Pipelines Meet Continuous Acceleration

Our complement of Continuous Packaging (CP), which is the glue between Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery in the software supply chain, positions packaged assets as first-class traceable entities in the supply chain's bill of materials.

  • Security, visibility, and management over incoming and built assets

  • Provenance and isolation for all packages and containers you use in your infrastructure

Increased Enterprise Velocity

Enterprises need security and observability at every step. Cloudsmith takes the complexity out of package management so you can ship safely and at speed to anywhere in the world. In just 60 seconds, you can set up your first repository and seamlessly integrate Cloudsmith with how your teams are already working, including integrations with all major DevOps tools you already use and love.

  • Automate more, deliver faster, and continuously package with security built in end-to-end

  • Take collaboration to the next level with security and accessibility features built for distributed teams

The Package Delivery Network for Distributors

Whether deploying, or shipping licensed software to your customers, our global Package Delivery Network (PDN) is optimised to ensure lightning-fast delivery.

  • Strip complexity out of selling and distributing software with entitlement tokens. Create customized access tokens to both control and track software downloads, and easily integrate with your own licensing and subscription platforms via our API.

  • Use custom domains to increase trust and present your brand as the DNS endpoint for worldwide distribution. Create your customized distribution infrastructure in minutes!

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Endless Scalability For Open Source Communities

Having a single source of truth for software artifacts has never been more vital to supply chains - especially for the open-source community. OSS engineers need trust and provenance, and a trusted source for secure end-to-end software delivery, from build through to production. At Cloudsmith, our mission is to evolve the cloud-native supply chain, making it simple for the OSS community to secure their software delivery at scale through continuous packaging. 

24/7 Support

With You Every Step of the Way

Our world-class support is available to you 24/7. Speak directly to our team of experts via Intercom chats or email and have an answer or solution in a matter of minutes.