Cloud-native distribution

Cloudsmith is the ideal solution for the distribution of software to clients around the world. Our cloud-native infrastructure means reliable, performant delivery - every time.

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Fast, simple control over who downloads your software assets

Control who has read-only access to your package repositories through entitlement tokens generated within Cloudsmith. Whether you're automating server or application installs, or you're building a license-only software distribution, entitlement tokens get the job done.

  • Limit what access an entitlement has by search, or limit how long a token is valid for by time

  • Dynamically create tokens via the API based on customer needs

Ultra-fast package distribution

Cloudsmith operates across a global content delivery network optimized to ensure lightning fast delivery - to anywhere. Specify exactly where your packages are stored, and configure edge caching to bring packages as close to your customers as possible.

  • Custom storage: choose where in the world your packages are stored for legal or performance reasons

  • Edge caching delivers better throughput, reduced latency, high availability

Manage licensing agreements

For vendors: Cloudsmith can ensure users have agreed to your custom End-User License Agreement (EULA) before they can download your packages. Especially useful if you want to disclaim warranties prior to usage.

We were in a pinch: our customers were justifiably angry with us because the service we were managing was unreliable. But with Cloudsmith we were able to seamlessly transition to their platform and immediately provide a rock-solid upgrade to every customer we have.

Rob Madole

Senior Software Engineer

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The Results

For Font Awesome, we deliver ‘silence’. Cloudsmith handles distribution without incident, eliminates the costs of supporting an in-house system, and ensures that Font Awesome never lets the customer down. It’s that simple.

Your packages available, when your customers need them

Cloudsmith handles both availability and scalability to ensure your packages are always there when your customers need them. Remove the hassle of building and supporting your own distribution network.

  • Build upon our lightning-fast global distribution network

  • Distribute your packages and APIs via custom named domains, specified by you.

A consistent approach to distribution

Manage, distribute, secure and control all your software packages via one consistent and intuitive UI. Cloudsmith can handle and distribute packages in all common formats and languages, meaning a single consistent approach to software distribution.

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Unrivaled transparency

Understand where packages are used, deliver clear reporting on package usage levels across the organization, and be ready to rapidly respond to emerging vulnerabilities. Cloudsmith provides detailed auditing and analytics of where all your software assets are deployed.

  • Extended detail on package access via comprehensive access logs

  • Retrieve all events for your account via the firehose API, for total visibility and control

Increased Enterprise Velocity

Enterprises need security and observability at every step. Cloudsmith takes the complexity out of package management so you can ship safely and at speed to anywhere in the world. In just 60 seconds, you can set up your first repository and seamlessly integrate Cloudsmith with how your teams are already working, including integrations with all major DevOps tools you already use and love.

  • Automate more, deliver faster, and continuously package with security built in end-to-end

  • Take collaboration to the next level with security and accessibility features built for distributed teams