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Cloudsmith Sessions

Virtual Talk

In this session, discover how the Cloudsmith team leverages its own platform to build and maintain Cloudsmith through artifact hosting, consumption, and production deployment. Software Engineer Jack Gibson explored Cloudsmith's architecture, deployment flow, and release criteria, while delving into why artifact management plays such a critical role in facilitating end-to-end testing and managing licensing and vulnerability challenges. Watch to learn firsthand how meta dogfooding can drive operational efficiency and security for your team.
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Meta dogfooding: How Cloudsmith used Cloudsmith to build Cloudsmith

In-Person London Live Day Session

In this interactive workshop, we dove into the critical aspects of securely consuming open-source software (OSS) and explore practical strategies to mitigate common security risks. With the rise of supply chain attacks targeting OSS, it's imperative for software teams to adopt robust practices to safeguard their development pipelines.
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Safeguarding Your Software Supply Chain: A Hands-On Guide to Securely Consuming Open Source

Blog: Ciara's 6 Picks for PlatformCon 2024


Ciara’s sifted through over 130 talks from PlatformCon 2024 to shortlist the DevOps pick of the litter for you.
Ciara’s sifted through over 130 talks from next month's PlatformCon to shortlist the DevOps pick of the litter for you.