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Track your Bandwidth & Storage limits with our Quota API

Track your Bandwidth & Storage limits with our Quota API

At Cloudsmith, helping fledgeling startups grow from a single person operation to enterprise-level organisations is a constant joy! In those early stages, startups need all the help they can get to survive, and even veteran organisations experience similar challenges when scaling up rapidly.

Cloudsmith can help with our self-service approach to managing and defining storage and bandwidth limits to keep costs under control while allowing you to scale when needed. After all, no one wants to be caught between an unexpected bill for overages or any interruption to their business, no matter how minor.

The fantastic news is that now you have a new tool in your arsenal, as you can track your bandwidth and storage programmatically via the Quota API. It's easy to miss an email when your busy or a prompt within the Cloudsmith UI (if you haven't needed to log in recently); but you will always want to know if you're near/over a limit or even if you're over-provisioned.

Now you can automate a solution that works for you using either our API or CLI to always stay on top of your storage and bandwidth limits.

Getting started quickly

Using the Cloudsmith CLI, you can quickly and easily view the usage, limits, and maximum allocation of bandwidth and storage for your plan.

cloudsmith quota limits ORG-NAME

Alternatively, if you want to view the entire history for your organisation:

cloudsmith quota history ORG-NAME

Finally, to view the OSS usage for an organisation, you can add the -oss flag to any command to view only OSS limits and history.

cloudsmith quota limits ORG-NAME -oss

cloudsmith quota history ORG-NAME -oss

If you identify a limit that is over-provisioned or quickly approaching a threshold, then you can quickly and easily adjust your limits at anytime within the Cloudsmith UI.

Additionally, if you wish to automate a solution, you can also check out the Quota API or the Cloudsmith API Bindings (available in multiple languages) and connect it to your favourite CI/CD or monitoring service to alert internally within your organisation.