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Announcing Native Cargo Uploads In Cloudsmith!

You spoke, we listened!

Cloudsmith is all about giving developers the tools they need to deliver great code as efficiently as possible. And that includes ensuring that to the greatest extent possible they don’t need to learn new tools and approaches to get the full benefit of our platform.

With that in mind we’re delighted to announce improved support for Rust and the associated Cargo package manager. Specifically, we now support the upload of Cargo packages to the Cloudsmith platform using the native Cargo publish command.

Whilst we’ve supported Rust and Cargo for some time, until now uploading to the Cloudsmith platform has been either through the Cloudsmith UI or via the Cloudsmith CLI. Support for Cargo publish now means that developers can stay within the Cargo / Rust environment they know when pushing packages to Cloudsmith.

Below is a very short video that shows exactly how this works:

Once there, of course, they are available within a private ‘single source of truth’ for software assets, that:

  • Can be managed, secured and controlled in a systematic way
  • Is available to teams and individuals within the organization anywhere in the world via a ‘web-scale’ cloud infrastructure
  • Can be distributed on a commercial/licensed basis if necessary on the same basis
  • Supports assets all common languages and formats (Rust and Cargo being just one of dozens of supported formats)

Our aim is to make getting to this point as simple and intuitive as possible for developers. We want to support existing workflows and existing environments, not replace them. So it’s important for us to ensure that for every format, publishing to the Cloudsmith repository can be done without having to use Cloudsmith itself.

This is one further step on that journey.