About Cloudsmith 

Cloudsmith (https://cloudsmith.com), your friendly neighborhood Package Management startup, is a fully managed 24/7 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for securely storing and sharing assets, packages and containers. We have distributed millions of packages for innovative companies around the world and specifically help with: development, for internal build pipelines and dependencies; deployment, for delivery pipelines to servers; and distribution, for sharing software to entitled users worldwide. 

Following a successful funding round, Cloudsmith is now a seed-level startup, with full backing from investors and the industry. The service is currently run by a small but excellent team of engineers, i.e. lovely human beings who love technology, security and automation. We’d like to continue to grow this team, and we’d like you to be a part of it. We need your help to bring the company and service to the next level, of being the world’s best choice for software storage and distribution. 

About You, The Ideal Candidate 

Smart. Gets Things Done. A Lovely Human Being. 

You are a strong generalist engineer who is passionate about automation and product ownership, who feels empathy for your fellow team and service customers. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty with software at different levels of the stack, and you’ve definitely got some significant development experience already. You’ll not shy away from any task, and are happy to converse with customers, who are usually technical. You have specialities, but also have a wide array of capabilities. 

A passion for quality, high availability, security and problems of scale is also important. As a package management service, the product that we’ll be working on together will form the central glue that other companies use to hold their build systems, automated deployments, and worldwide distribution together. We always have to consider the impact of what we do, and this is built into how we work.

A formal education isn’t important to us, but relevant experience is. We want to see that you’re a voracious and passionate learner, that you love on-boarding new skills and technology, that you believe in automating as much as possible, and that you’ve built some great technology that you’re super proud of, whether professionally or not. You’re also possibly known in the community, like to attend meetups and conferences, and perhaps have given a few of your own talks too. 

You are awesome. 

About The Role/Challenges 

Cloudsmith is built using some of the finest technology that the Cloud offers, and while we’re proud of what we have already, there is still a lot of technology to define, build and refine. We’re fully native to AWS and use a wide spectrum of services to power the platform. Expect to see technologies such as Python, Django, Chef, Ruby, Docker, Kubernetes, Packer, Terraform, etc. plus a wide array of others for packaging, integrations, tooling and platform support services. 

This generalist engineer role involves a combination of frontend work, backend work, and the kind of work you’d expect at a DevOps tool vendor: automation, quality, security and monitoring work; with a pinch of customer interaction. You’ll be stronger in some of these than others, and that’s OK. We work as a team and back each other up. So we’ll need your help to build/code, deploy and scale the service and everything within it, as well as to continue innovating with the best in the industry, together. 

We don’t need to tell you that package management is our raison d'être, so you may know we’ll spend some time polishing support of our Python, Ruby, Maven/Java, Debian, RedHat, Vagrant, NuGet, Docker, Lua, Helm, R/CRAN, (etc.) packaging, while bringing new packaging technologies such as Swift, CocoaPods, Dart, Hex, (etc.) to the suite. This may also involve integrations/tooling work for plugins that help accelerate customer pipelines from 0-100mph as quickly as possible. 

Due to the criticality of the service, you’ll share an on-call rota with the entire team, which means being available to fix issues if they pop up. We try to leverage as many tools as possible to assist with monitoring, to ensure that when on-call we can remain accessible but not have to be attached to a computer. We believe in actionable alerts over active monitoring, and try to ensure that errors are problems, not just information. We prefer fixing root causes over needing unsustainable heroics. 

We’ll also need your help to define and refine our processes around this and quality control. Let’s make the world a better place with superb, highly available and secure package management that everyone can rely upon. You will build the world’s best package management service; full stop. 

About The Location 

We primarily work out of our BT9 office on Malone Road, Belfast, and any applicants may be required to relocate to Northern Ireland, but like all awesome startups we’re flexible and will discuss alternative working arrangements. 

About The Compensation 

For awesome engineers like you, expect an awesome compensation package with a salary range of around £50k-£80k depending on experience, plus lucrative benefits that befit a startup, such as share options, and a generous 35 days annual leave; bringing total comp well beyond base salary. 

We’ll provide equipment like a state-of-the-art “choose your own” laptop and anything else you need, so that you’re ready to rock from day one. 

About Equal Opportunity 

We’re an equal opportunities employer who do not discriminate against age, sex/gender, race, disability, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, and/or religious background, etc. Your ability and outlook are infinitely more important to us. 

About Applying 

So, did you meet the criteria of … Smart? Gets Things Done? A Lovely Human Being? You are awesome. Send an email to jobs@cloudsmith.io to tell us why your experience, skills and personality means that we have no choice but to make you the next Cloudsmith’er. If you’re also submitting a C.V., please make sure we can read it (i.e. make sure it is a plain-text file or PDF). If you’ve got some code to show us, fantastic; but it’s not expected. Other than that, we’re extremely excited to meet you!