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Switch from Artifactory and save 50%

For a limited time, we’re offering Artifactory customers a significant discount on their pricing from JFrog. Migrate from Artifactory to Cloudsmith Ultra, and get your first year at a 50% discount on your annual Artifactory licence. Register your interest now.

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Cloudsmith vs JFrog Artifactory. Why should your team switch to Cloudsmith?

With ArtifactoryIncredibly expensive to license and maintain - JFrog Artifactory is the worst of all worlds
With CloudsmithCloudsmith is a fully maintained solution, with affordable pricing plans to suit all teams, and friendly support when you need it
Poor sales experience where your needs aren’t heard. Support requests that weave through endless middle management. Terrible customer experience across all touchpoints - we've heard it all
With Cloudsmith you'll speak to engineers who understand your needs from Day 1. Fanatical support, directly from our engineering teams, whenever you need to solve problems
Legacy, on-premises architecture - your servers, your people, your problem (even when it's pretending to be a SaaS product).
Cloudsmith is a fully managed, completely cloud-native architecture - built specifically to lower the cost and complexity of software artifact management
Constant struggles with performance, especially for distributed teams
Cloudsmith serves your distributed teams from 410+ points of presence around the globe - with downloads are so fast they feel local
No elastic scaling - you’re either struggling to catch up by adding servers, or burning money with too much capacity
Cloudsmith automatically scales as demand for your software changes; you'll never need to worry about scaling again

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Lower your infrastructure costs, and build and store every major package format. We’re here to help you get started.