The EU Efforts To Secure Open Source Software [On-demand Session]

Watch this session from Open Source Summit Dublin to learn more about the European Union's response to the ever-changing open source security landscape.

The EU Efforts To Secure Open Source Software [On-demand Session]

OSS is incredibly positive - without projects like Docker, Kubernetes, Debian, NGINX, Apache, or others, technological innovation would be painfully slow. Its innovation, ease of use, and zero cost meant that nearly every piece of software contains OSS.  

OSS is everywhere, including data centers, hospitals, e-commerce, phone networks, mobile devices, and power stations.

Last year, the Whitehouse issued an Executive Order after the fallout of SolarWinds. This kickstarted the use of SBOMs, a flurry of new projects to protect the supply chain, and the rise of OpenSSF.

  • How has the EU responded to Critical Threats in OSS?
  • Are the threats to the EU different from the USA?
  • The EU is not 1 country but is made up of 27 countries- how does this affect change?
  • A look at Ireland as an example country in EU and how it is affected by threats to the OSS supply chain and how the EU helps

Download the presentation deck here